Pilot Car Signs
Pilot Car Signs
Pilot Car Signs
Pilot Car Signs

Wide Load Signs

ALL our wide load and pilot car signs are built to high standards by skilled craftsmen “Here in Canada”, and installed by our technicians.

  • We offer a heavy duty pilot sign package – perfect for rough roads and “off highway” loads
  • All Pilot Sign packages come with a full compliment of LED lighting including 8-inteior lights, (4) 7″ round amber flashers, and (2) 8″ diameter strobe lights.
  • All wires are soldered and heat shrunk (no butt connectors)
  • Each set of lights is internally protected with a 15 amp fuse
  • Custom built signs for different size vehicles including cars and SUVS is available

Click on the Videos at right to see our power actuated wide load and arrow signs in action.

Click on the thumbnails below to see closeups of our signs in larger version.

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Custom Orders are our SPECIALTY!

We can design and build to fit your application.
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